2019 NBA FINALS: Ultimate Props Page

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Together with the NBA Finals near getting started, there’s always a plethora of gambling choices and props for the last series that can at times overwhelm bettors and also be tough to find on the internets. Well, here at Odds Shark, we have got you covered as we’ve got nearly every prop available that is listed at BetOnline for you to peruse and find some sweet places to make yourself some cash.
Some of the greatest props that bettors prefer to bet on are»When Will The Series Finish»,»Series Correct score»,»NBA Finals MVP» along with an insane number of player props that may either make your head or pocket explode, based on how successful you’re.
Be certain to check out our betting preview for Game 1 of the NBA Finals and stay up to date with our Chances to Win the NBA Championship page for any odds changes. In addition, we have prop odds for everybody’s beloved mascot, Drake, and what he’s up to for the NBA Finals.
All chances are courtesy of BetOnline and there are far more props. Here are some that came out to me as value plays:
Warriors To Acquire Series 4-2
Odds at +250
Wouldn’t it be fitting that the last potential NBA match at Oracle Arena at Oakland is the one that provides the Warriors their three-peat? I think it is and since the Warriors do not have home-court advantage, this seems like a prime place for Golden State to close the deal.
Here is how I envision it: » I expect the Warriors to receive a split from the first two matches in Toronto, win Games 4 and 3 with Kevin Durant back in the lineup in Oakland, lose a hard-fought game back in Toronto for Game 5 and clinch it in Game 6. Thank me after you money that bet.
Player To Record the Most Assists in the Series Kyle Lowry in +210
I anticipate Lowry to become more of a distributor in a scorer in this show because he will likely be tasked with trying to slow Stephen Curry. Lowry averaged 8.6 assists during the regular season, which was second in the NBA, and the only reason he has not averaged more assists in the postseason is because Raptors’ shooters couldn’t hit a shot.
I expect that to change from the Finals since the Warriors’ defense is not as powerful since Milwaukee’s or Philly’s when it comes to stopping perimeter shots and I can watch Lowry getting off to a hot start by playing the first two matches at home.

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Even a bombshell dropped on the MMA world late Friday evening, when ESPN’s Brett Okamoto revealed that UFC president Dana White affirmed to him that there will be a interim lightweight title on the line at UFC 236. In 1 corner will be high lightweight contender Dustin Poirier, while at the other corner UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway will endure, looking to join the select few UFC fighters that have won belts in two weight classes. Below, I’ll give my first thoughts on the fight, and also what it means for the lightweight division.
Dustin Poirier vs. Max Holloway, UFC 236
Poirier and Holloway will meet in the primary event of UFC 236 for its interim lightweight name. The card takes place April 13 in State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The co-main occasion of the card is an interim middleweight title bout between Israel Adesanya and Kelvin Gastelum, meaning two fresh UFC champions will be crowned that night.
Before I get into the actual matchup between Poirier and Holloway, I must speak about what this implies for the remaining lightweight division. Obviously, the choice to make an interim name usually means that the promotion expects UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov to be outside in the sidelines for a while. Really, he is scheduled to return in the oldest in November because of his suspension coming out of the post-fight brawl in UFC 226. It’s possible the UFC doesn’t even think he’ll return before the end of the season is up, along with the division obviously needs to keep moving around.
The fighter who gets hurt the most by this news is clearly Tony Ferguson, who is on an 11-fight win streak and that was the former interim title holder last year before he slipped on a TV cable and blew out his knee. Ferguson returned late last year in UFC 226 with a TKO win over Anthony Pettis and most figured he would be the next opponent for Nurmagomedov. However, according to White, Ferguson turned into a interim title struggle with Holloway, and Poirier jumped in and took his own place instead. What this means for Ferguson going forward remains to be seen, but considering what happened to Colby Covington along with the welterweight division, it appears the UFC has already moved on.
So far as the Poirier vs. Holloway fight goes, it’s an great matchup, and actually a rematch as both formerly fought at UFC 143 back in 2012, with Poirier beating Holloway by submission. Of course, that was Holloway’s UFC debut and he is a completely different fighter today. So is Poirier. They are both would be the top of their respective games and this rematch should be amazing. Poirier (24-5, 1 NC) is unbeaten over his last five fights and is coming from a TKO win over Eddie Alvarez. Holloway (20-3) is on a 13-fight win series and knocked out Brian Ortega in his last fight. Both guys are really on top of their game at this time and this should be an wonderful battle.
The offshore sportsbooks dropped the opening betting odds for the struggle, with Holloway launching as a -230 betting favorite, with all the comeback on Poirier at +170. The first betting action has come in on Holloway, though given Poirier’s previous win more than him I anticipate some actions to come in his way at some point or another. In any event, the sportsbooks can expect a large deal with this fight, which claims to be one of the most-anticipated bouts of this year.
Along with Poirier vs. Holloway, UFC 236 also features an interim middleweight title bout between Israel Adesanya and Kelvin Gastelum. You may have a look at my thoughts on the opening lineup for this bout here.
Launching Betting Odds
UFC 236:
April 13, 2019
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Main Event — Interim Lightweight Title
Max Holloway -230
Dustin Poirier +170

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NBA All-Star Weekend Betting

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NBA All-Star Game

How it Works: The NBA All-Star match is a 48-minute affair. The match is divided into four quarters, also generally comprises more scoring.
How to Bet: You can wager on the All-Star Game in three different ways: 1) choosing against the spread, 2) selecting the over/under point total, or 3) choosing the MVP.
When betting the spread, you aren’t choosing a loser or an outright winner. The team you choose either has to win by a margin that is certain or not lose by that margin. For instance, in 2016, Bodog listed the West as -5.0 favorites and the East as +5.0 underdogs. In the event that you had bet on the West, then they’d have had to win by six points for one to successfully cover the spread and win your wager. Conversely, if you had chosen the East, they would have had to win outright or lose by four points or fewer that you cover the spread.
Deciding the over/under point overall is even more straightforward as you simply have to select whether the final score of this match will probably be higher (over) or lower (below ) than the projected total established by the sportsbook. In 2016, Bodog place the over/under in 348.5, along with the final score of this match amounted to 369. If you had selected the over, you’d have won your wager.
Choosing the most valuable player is only a matter of selecting the one player out of the 24 competitors that you believe will win the award. Sportsbooks position the players according to their opportunities and assign chances that reflect their likelihood to win the event.
Unique Considerations: The very first thing you have to know about the NBA All-Star sport is the fact that it is not as a basketball game and much more of a 48-minute track meet. The gamers race up and down the court in breakneck speeds while displaying an almost pathological aversion to shield. Three-pointers are established and full court alley-oops are tossed prior to the shot clock has a opportunity to begin ticking down. The game’s outrageous pace was especially evident in 2017 as the players combined for a listing 374 points. By comparison, the average point total of a regular season NBA game in 2017 has been 211.

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Legal Sports Betting Age By State

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Of all of the questions that a possible sports bettor may have, finding out that the legal sports gambling age by state should be a top priority. Underage gambling is a serious offense which will be readily prevented by equipping yourself with fundamental sports gambling knowledge. While we can look to federal laws to find out legal answers associated with most aspects of sport gambling, the legal betting age differs. Instead of a single worldwide sports betting age, the legal age to bet on sports is determined by each individual state. While online sportsbooks might have their own minimum sports gambling ages set up, potential sports bettors will still have to study their state-specific gaming era.
In the countries which don’t operate land-based sportsbooks, the age for lawful sports gambling will often coincide with the casino gambling age. In nearly all the United States, residents need to be at least 21 years old before gambling on sportsbetting. There are a small number of countries that permit betting at a younger age.
Legal Sports Betting Age In Land-Based Sportsbooks
Broadly , the sports betting age at land-based sportsbooks is 21 years old. Now that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992) continues to be overturned, each state is allowed to set its age minimums for the sports wagering industry. The majority of states have chosen 21, as this contrasts nicely with their current gambling policies at the venues where new sports gambling lounges are opening. In some ways, it is silly to type out any legal sports betting age by state, since they seem to be in agreement on this one point (and just this 1 point, truth be told).
The caveat here is when the entirety of a state’s gambling market is in character, with casinos situated entirely on autonomous tribal property (i.e. reserves ). In such states, there are frequently added challenges to getting new sports gambling laws passed, as the tribes tend to have sweeping exclusivity prices as part of the state compacts. It’s possible that in such states, in which sports wagering is restricted to tribal venues, the sports gambling age would be 18, in line with the majority of pari-mutuel and lottery era minimums nationally. Nonetheless, in every land-based sports gambling sofa now working in the united states, the minimum gambling age is 21.
Legal Sports Betting Age At Online Sportsbooks
The legal sports betting age at state-licensed online sportsbooks is going to be the same the general gambling age. Offshore sports gambling sites will often have an age requirement of 18 years old since they are based overseas where the laws could be different. US bettors must always follow their lawful sports gambling age by state, i.e. the era that has been determined by their state authorities. This means that if you’re needed to be at least 21 years old before betting within your nation, the same applies to wagering at an online sportsbook. On the flip side, in case a sportsbook requires players to become 21 years old but the gambling age in your nation is 18 years old, you will need to wait till you are 21 per the terms & conditions of the website.
All our favorite offshore sportsbooks only need their members to be 18 to register and play. If you live in a country with no era minimums, you can join these at 18 and bet publicly on sports (and all the other casino and racebook attractions available). That said, be warned: If you sign up at any authorized Internet betting site under the age of 18, then you’ll have your accounts forever banned and all your funds confiscated (like any unwithdrawn winnings). Never gamble Ms.!
Is Online Sports Betting Legal?
Betting online sports online is lawful as long as a legitimate sports betting site is utilized. The first option is a state-licensed online sportsbook, which follows state-based regulatory requirements. There are just a couple of these types of sites, which is precisely why offshore online bettings are a lot more common.
These sites operate overseas from nations such as Costa Rica, Panama, and Antigua. Becoming licensed and regulated within such territories means that the online gambling operators are not breaking any of the national sports gambling laws set up in the countries. There are no national laws that explicitly outlaw citizens from using offshore sites, and the majority of the 50 countries don’t have online sports gambling laws at the local level. As long as you adhere to the necessary legal sports gambling age by state and also use a reputable sports gaming website, you will not experience any problems wagering online.
The Probability Of Underage Sports Betting
As mentioned above, the main risk of online sports betting is you will be prohibited and lose all of your cash. That should be deterrent enough, but many countries don’t have laws in place that — at least cursorily — use to sports bettors gaming under the age of 21 (or 18). The legal penalties from these countries for gambling prices vary from non invasive misdemeanors to low-level felonies for repeat offenders. Additionally, there are fines involved, ranging from $50 in some countries to over $1000 others. Still, these laws are virtually never enforced, and nobody has ever been detained or fined only for wagering on sports over the Internet for an offshore book.
Sports Betting Ages From State
Each state differs, but the sports gambling age by country is practically always 21, while the authorized lottery and also pari-mutuel gambling age is generally 18 (except for Alabama, where all gambling ages are 19 for some reason). The subsequent age minimums for sports gambling are what you need to adhere to, listed alphabetically by country. (Note: The states having an age range indicate regions where there’s a different limit for industrial vs. tribal casino gaming and betting, and you may normally err on the side of the lower age.)
??? Alabama Betting Age — 19
??? Alaska Betting Age — 19
??? Arizona Betting Age — 21
??? Arkansas Betting Age — 21
??? California Betting Age — 18-21
??? Colorado Betting Age — 21
??? Connecticut Betting Age — 21
??? Delaware Betting Age — 21
??? Florida Betting Age — 21
??? Georgia Betting Age — 21
??? Hawaii Betting Age — 18
??? Idaho Betting Age — 21
??? Illinois Betting Age — 21
??? Indiana Betting Age — 21
??? Iowa Betting Age — 21
??? Kansas Betting Age — 21
??? Kentucky Betting Age — 18
??? Louisiana Betting Age — 21
??? Maine Betting Age — 21
??? Maryland Betting Age — 21
??? Massachusetts Betting Age — 21
??? Michigan Betting Age — 18-21
??? Minnesota Betting Age — 18-21
??? Mississippi Betting Age — 21
??? Missouri Betting Age — 21
??? Montana Betting Age — 18
??? Nebraska Betting Age — 21
??? Nevada Betting Age — 21
??? New Hampshire Betting Age — 21
??? New Jersey Betting Age — 21
??? New Mexico Betting Age — 21
??? New York Betting Age — 21
??? North Carolina Betting Age — 21
??? North Dakota Betting Age — 21
??? Ohio Betting Age — 21
??? Oklahoma Betting Age — 18-21
??? Oregon Betting Age — 18-21
??? Pennsylvania Betting Age — 21
??? Rhode Island Betting Age — 18
??? South Carolina Betting Age — 21
??? South Dakota Betting Age — 21
??? Tennessee Betting Age — 18
??? Texas Betting Age — 21
??? Utah Betting Age — 18
??? Vermont Betting Age — 18
??? Virginia Betting Age — 18
??? Washington Betting Age — 18-21
??? West Virginia Betting Age — 21
??? Wisconsin Betting Age — 21
??? Wyoming Betting Age — 18
Why Is There A Minimum Age Limit To Bet On Sports?
When it comes to gambling on sports inside a casino sportsbook, there is often an age limitation since the sportsbook will serve alcohol on the premises. In order for the casino to maintain their liquor license and comply with the federal law, everybody in their building needs to be 21 or older. Certain countries, such as Rhode Island, have sportsbooks that accept bettors as young as 18 since state laws will let them. When it comes to betting on sports online the majority of the sites in the united states will place their age limitation according to the condition that they are based in. When utilizing on offshore sports betting site, most of them will set their minimum age at 18 because that is the legal age to gamble from the nation which they’re based in.

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Ian McCall was supposed to fight Dustin Ortiz at UFC Fight Night 73 but unfortunately had to pull out due to injury. McCall (13-5) caught up with MMAOddsBreaker on Episode 115 of The Parting Shot Podcast this Sunday to talk about his latest injury. Injury that compelled him from Dustin Ortiz fight at UFC Fight Night 73″I have a tear in my shoulder, in my labrum and a tear from my bicep. I mean I’m literally in the doctors now talking about it. It is exactly what it is, we train hard and I’m brittle apparently. I must pull out of a lot of s**t. It stinks, but if you train as hard as I do and you’ve been doing so as long as I do, its part of the game» Career Plagued with Injuries»My UFC career was only been plagued with accidents and it is frustrating. This is my main source of income, I have other things I do however, this is my principal source. I’ve got a little girl to feed, that I feed on my own and it sucks. But on a different note, this is my enthusiasm; this is precisely what I really like to perform. I’m 31 years old, I’m not getting younger I have been in fights for 13 years. To watch my body neglect me time and time again it’s hard. It’s one of these things it makes you question a good deal. I’m such a healthy individual, my loved ones is like incredibly healthy, and you know my daughter really needs a very strict diet. I’ve had my hip, groin tear, which is awful. I’m sure I’ll have to get a hip replacement . I have had three hand surgeries. I got into a car crash not long ago and messed up my shoulder. It is always something, but it is far better than having an actual job.» Getting Positive and Optimistic»A lot of my life I’ve been a pessimist to be honest. I look at it in various ways, it could be worse, I might be dead. I could have lost complete use of my arm or anything. There are a lot of things I consider. I must maintain a positive attitude because I have to be a good role model for team-mates along with my little one. It’s one of these things I am not going to sit around and sulk. That’s what it is, I will be al right.» Ideas on Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson II at UFC 191″Demetrious is ever evolving and I think that now he’s found a bit more power in his punches. His overall game is constantly changing and becoming better. I believe he’ll beat Dodson, is he going to complete [him]? I really don’t understand. I think this is one guy he’ll have difficulty completing. He finished Horoguchi with one second left, and as much as I wish to beat his face in, he’s incredible. He is the precise guy you want as winner when it comes to performance. I’m likely to go with him on this one for sure.» Loss to John Lineker»Oh man which was huge. I got too emotional; I revealed the first round I could definitely beat him. People were just like’Oh he is a bantamweight’ I do not care; the guy still isn’t very good I must have beat him. I think I showed that you are not likely to knock me out even though you are a big puncher. My face is going to split open until you knock me out and that’s precisely what occurred. With me it is outside things, they constantly distract me, woman issues or what have you. I just sort of dropped after that first round. I am smart enough to understand I was going to drop that fight sitting . Anthony Kiedis and Dane White came around and said hi and I am just kind of love, I’m screwed. That was a mental thing, that’s always been my biggest downfall. I have a new mental coach, he is my mind Sherpa. He’s overall made me a better person. As far as goes, he is a big part of it» Feeling Overlooked in Flyweight Division»I wouldn’t say overlooked, there’s other people to discuss. I blew it with John; I screwed up in that struggle. So perhaps I do not deserve to be talked about it. Let’s state this harm is just 6 months, they’ll talk about me then, that is fine. You can find different people that deserve it. It does matter how good I can be or how great I am, it is not my turn. DJ needs individuals to struggle, the division needs people to shake and move and make a big jolt. I do not mind it, it is cool, whatever.» Raising a daughter as a single father»Yeah it is not easy; realistically I don’t know anything about women. I understand how to get one in mattress that’s about it. I sit there sometimes and stare at her like’what is going on?’ Do not cut your hair, do not put soap in areas, like I don’t understand. Realistically I’ve a lot aid, I live together with my dad. My dad got a divorce, he said proceed in, and I will assist you. My daddy’s retired so he kind of plays mommy on a daily basis. My step mother is still about; my daughter’s grandma is about so that I do have a great deal of help. So I am not going to say I’m doing so alone, because I am not. It takes a village to raise a baby and I got a village of folks around me. Even if there are times where I must take her to the gym, there’s always someone there. She is pretty damn independent I will take her to the beach; she can run around and swim on her own. She is going to be fine.» UFC Reebok Uniforms»I used to work for a fashion design firm; the sole real fighters I hang out with are either people I am forced to hang out my buddies. I hang out with artists, fashion designers, artists and musicians and materials. They are hideous, such as Jose Aldo stated we look like f***kin Power Rangers. The equipment is really comfortable; clearly Reebok creates a fantastic product. I really don’t know who made the layout, no matter what generation we are in 80′s 90′s, that does not fit anything, it’s just ugly. But perhaps I am wrong; perhaps I’m searching for something a little cooler looking. Its performance based gear; that’s all that matters. It is an evolution of the game. We wanted it to shine, sure we are not likely to get paid that much money but it’s what it is. If you’ve got a problem then quit, these are the amounts we have to deal with. Now if you’re smart and you can market yourself and promote yourself in manners like I’ve. I have outside patrons; I’ve Layrite, which is similar to a hair and mustache product. I’ve got a great deal of clothes and lifestyle businesses. I get a lot of exposure from stuff like this. People today need to know t to step outside the boxmake money for themselves and have a wise agent» Ideas on Reebok Deal»Yeah that would have been nice, but at exactly the same time they operate a business. They operate a multi-billion dollar company that’s a premiere sports league. If you find the machine which is the UFC, from the inside it is outstanding. The people are great; the business layout is simply amazing. I wouldn’t ever say anything bad about the way that it’s all operate, it is amazing if you enjoy company. The matter is that they didn’t have to consult us since it is their organization. We are a commodity; as much as I wish to say trendy we ought to be earning money such as baseball, soccer and basketball. Since we ought to we’re actually putting our lives on the line. But we are not and I don’t want to quote Urijah Faber, he stated’I got into this for the money’ frankly I get it, I’m a businessman.» Outside sponsors»Financially I am going to be fine. I’m going to find methods [to make money]. I own a portion of a social networking company, I have a show that I host called Direct Endorsement, also it is a big charity thing. I’ve got other stuff that’s going to make me money, so I will be fine. I really do believe for men that don’t have much else or guys that aren’t that smart. But that is their own fault, figure it out it’s not rocket science» Being on Joe Rogan’s»Fight Companion» series»Yeah I was speaking to Joe not too long ago. I’ve a developing friendship with Joe for quite a while, we always talk about it but it is a tiny bit of a drive from my home with all the visitors. I’ll be up there shortly, I must do some things in the area so I’ll be on there soon.» You follow Ian on Twitter @Unclecreepymma and his host DirectEndorcements.com. You can listen to the full audio version of this interview on Episode 115 of this Parting Shot Podcast that Sunday.

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The light heavyweight division seems to have a resurgence in 2019 as yet another high-profile bout involving ranked contenders will take place in the coming months. That, plus the UFC has introduced another fighter, and you can read my thoughts about each of the news below in the current MMA odds and ends.
Ovince Saint-Preux vs. Misha Cirkunov, UFC 235
The UFC announced an interesting light heavyweight bout between top-15 ranked contenders Ovince Saint-Preux and Misha Cirkunov will take place at UFC 235, going down March 2 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Saint-Preux (23-12) is 11-7 overall from the UFC and has settled into the role of gatekeeper in the light heavyweight division. OSP lost a clear choice to Dominick Reyes his out his time, but he submitted Tyson Pedro in impressive fashion his struggle before that. He’s not far removed from a three-fight win streak that included a KO over Corey Anderson and Von Flue chokes against Yushin Okami and Marcos Rogerio de Lima, though that streak might end up being the high point of his MMA career. The Reyes battle was clearly a step backwards, however, as was a submission defeat to Ilir Latifi that preceeded that the Pedro win. OSP is a really good gatekeeper, but his days as a title contender appear to be over.
Cirkunov (14-4) is 5-2 in the UFC and in his final outing submitted Patrick Cummins. He had been pumped out by Volkan Oezdemir and Glover Teixeira his two fights before that, but the win over Cummins put him back on track and reminded us why the Latvian-Canadian was this impressive prospect. Now that he is living in Las Vegas, this is going to be a hometown fight of sorts for him. Although I’m worried about Cirkunov’s chin letting him down , I think he has what it takes to beat OSP. I just find OSP such a frustrating fighter to predict how he’s going to do, while I believe Cirkunov is a bit more steady. I would anticipate a competitive lineup, but with a slight lean towards the fighter in Cirkunov.
Craig White Cut, Evidence With Cage Warriors
Former UFC welterweight Craig White has signed back with Cage Warriors, the advertising announced. Obviously, this usually means the UFC recently cut on him. White (14-9) had a tough go in the UFC after leaving Cage Warriors as one of its top welterweight contenders. He made his Octagon introduction on very short notice and was finished by top-10 ranked Neil Magny, cutting upwards of 30lbs to make weight. The UFC gave him a favorable matchup from Diego Sanchez in his next battle, but it didn’t go his way. Despite entering this bout as a significant favorite, White was dominated by an aging Sanchez and it was the type of loss that created the UFC wish to decrease ties with White. However, he does have one saving grace here, and it is that Cage Warriors is on Fight Pass this past season. A few endings for White and that he could very well be signed back into the UFC, however he may fare better as a middleweight going forward. White’s opponent for his return to Cage Warriors hasn’t been announced yet, but he will struggle at Cage Warriors 102, which like UFC 235 additionally occurs March.
Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links and MMA Odds Breaker will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the hyperlinks.

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Nigeria Sports Betting

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Nigeria is a potential online sports gambling market. Nigeria has the population on the planet, before Russia, Japan, and Germany and is the most populous country in Africa. While Internet gamblers have access to lottery sites, and online sportsbooks, casinos nigerians like to bet on lotteries. The News Agency of Nigeria reported in 2014 that 60 million Nigerians between age 40 and 18 gamble each year.
This Nigerian sports gambling guide offers information on sports as well as the regulatory agencies which enforce gaming laws. Additionally, it supplies data on sports bettors, information on the Nigerian sportsbook market, and a discussion of brick-and-mortar sports gaming stores. I supply recommendations along with links to resources you can use to examine gaming websites yourself.

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LeBron facing final game with Cavs after Warriors’ Game 3 win?

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CLEVELAND — Kevin Durant pushed the Golden State Warriors into dynasty’s doorstep.

LeBron James could be in the exit door.
Durant scored 43 points, draining a long 3-pointer in the last minute to cap his magnificent performance, along with the Warriors beat James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, 110-102, in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night to move within a victory of a sweep, their second straight title and third tournament in four years.
And Cleveland could be down to one last game with James, who recorded his 10th triple-double from the finals. The three-time winner can opt out of the $35.6 million contract and also test free agency this summer, and it may be time for the 33-year-old to find a team capable of beating the Warriors.
These Cavs can not find it out.
CBSSports.com’s Kyle Boone writes,»There’ll be endless banter about where free-agent-to-be LeBron James decides to signal when he chooses to leave Cleveland. However one destination, the Los Angeles Lakers, has been the most discussed landing spot for the celebrity for quite some time now.»
Together with the Cavs down 103-100, Durant stood and almost motionless after dropping his 33-footer — almost from precisely the same spot from where he hit one in Game 3 last season — and effectively finished the fourth straight finals matchup between two teams who have gotten to know each other well because 2015.
After Durant scored, Stephen Curry and Draymond surrounded Durant and cried at their teammate, who calmly walked toward the bench.
«I tried to just stay in the zone,» Durant said, admitting that he was worried the Cavs could come back.
Durant said the similarity with last year’s shot a second that helped define his first championship — didn’t happen to him.
«No, not at all,» he said of this comparison. «I only took the shot.»
There was nothing the Cavs could perform.
«It was like deja vu watching him hit that shot again,» Cavs ahead Kevin Love stated.
Golden State will have four chances to wrap up its title starting with Game 4 to Friday night. The Warriors are trying to combine a select collection of teams to win three championships in four decades.
James scored 33 points and Kevin Love added 20 for the Cavs, who have dropped into the hole where no team has ever emerged. Cleveland came back from a 3-1 deficit to stun the Warriors at the 2016 finals, but that was Durant was in Oklahoma City and James had a different supporting cast.
«We had our chances,» James stated. «You can’t make errors. They are not going to beat themselves.»
The Warriors won even though a 3-of-16 shooting operation from Curry, who did come up big down the stretch because the Cavs were trying to salvage their season.
Durant, who tilted this rivalry toward the West Coast when he signed with the Warriors as a free agent before last year, was brilliant from the beginning. He helped cancel a night for Curry, who made a finals-record nine 3-pointers in Game 2, but was only 1 of 10 from behind the arc and didn’t score his second field goal until there were under three minutes left.
Curry’s scoop shot put the Warriors up 98-97 and defensive specialist Andre Iguodala, who didn’t play Games 1 or 2 due to a knee injury, came up with a steal under the basket. Curry finally buried a 3 and afterwards James matched him with a long shot, Iguodala drove the lane for a dip dip.
Seconds later, Durant delivered his dagger to silence Cleveland’s audience.
«The shot clock was running back, I had been pretty much out, I just wanted to get a look,» Durant said. «I didn’t want to run and take a bad shot, drop on the ground and they got numbers moving the other way so I decided to pull up»
James made a layup to pull on the Cavs in four, it was too little too late since the Warriors closed out it and beat Cleveland for its fourth straight time in finals games.
Together with JaVale McGee acquiring three point-blank shots at the rim, the Warriors started the third quarter with a 9-3 spurt and it was not long until they took his first lead on Curry’s two free throws.

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was in Dallas, TX for the fifth time in promotional history Saturday (May 13, 2017) using UFC 211: Miocic vs. Dos Santos II. It was a solid night of scraps that saw six of 12 bouts end by finish, with a single fight resulting in a No-Contest and five seeing the judges’ scorecards for a choice. With UFC 211 now in our rear perspective, let us take a look at which of the evening’s competitors we might no longer see inside the Octagon…
Jessica Aguilar
Aguilar came up short on the judges’ scorecards this weekend, losing a unanimous decision to Cortney Casey. She is currently on a two-fight losing streak and winless in the UFC. At this point, I think it is 50/50 as to whether the advertising brings her back or lets her return into Fighting, or potentially Bellator’s World collection. My very best guess is that she’ll find another shot at a first UFC win, but that I would not be surprised to see her papers were functioned with by that her.
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California Online Betting

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If the gambling industry must settle for state-by-state legalization, California represents the Holy Grail of online gambling in the united states. It’s by far the most populous country in the union with a $2 trillion economy which would rank number 8 in the world if it was its own country. International gambling websites have gone out of their way to obtain licenses in countries considerably smaller than California.
All eyes are on California as states mull legalizing various forms of online gambling. If California does go the method of legalization, it would by default be the standard in which gambling is measured from the United States. If the nation does eventually regulate gaming and it’s successful, other nations will surely follow suit. We might even see something finally happen at the federal level.
Different pieces of legislation have been introduced, taken down and reintroduced in the past several years. We do not have anything major to report however, but many observers are cautiously optimistic that California will sooner or later make a serious move toward legalization. Here’s why:
The state has a pro-gambling culture The state already has legal casinos and card rooms
It’s home to many Indian tribes who are experienced in gambling California has a spending problem and the potential tax earnings must surely be enticing for state lawmakers
Present Collection of Betting Sites in California
We are going to go over the different gaming choices in California in greater detail below, however I’d like to start with a quick list of gambling sites that are available right now in California. If you came here looking for a place to gamble online, these are the websites which will permit you to play and bet real money today.
Sports Gambling:
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Fantasy Sports:
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Horse and Greyhound Betting:
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Online Lottery Tickets:
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Games of Skill:
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Sports Betting in California
Lawmakers in California have demonstrated some interest in legalizing sports betting of late. A bill introduced in the 2017/18 session suggested amending existing gaming law to permit the California legislature to authorize sports gambling contingent upon the Supreme Court overturning the national sports betting ban (which it did).
ACA 18 itself did not seek to legalize wagering; it rather provided a constitutional amendment that would allow lawmakers to legalize and regulate sports betting later on. When he introduced the bill, Assemblyman Adam Gray stated,»The decision isn’t'should we have sports wagering or not have sports wagering.’ We all do have sports wagering.»
The point he was making is that sports betting is currently a huge black market in California and throughout the United States. The American Gaming Association estimates Americans bet at least $154 billion each year on sports with internet sportsbooks and local bookies contrary to the law. The present condition prohibition is not working, the logic goes, so the wise thing to do is legalize it, regulate it and tax it.
A report from Eilers & Krejcik Gambling published in 2017 considers California is likely to legalize sports gambling in five years from the date of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn PASPA. California has lots of potential to become a significant sports gambling market, but as you’ll see in the next section, competing interests in the state have a tendency to complicate things.
Assemblyman Gray introduced the exact same legislation in 2018 and 2019 as he continues to push the situation. Getting the tribal groups on board has been exceedingly hard as they control a $8 billion gaming industry and therefore are highly reluctant to get on board with sports gambling at risk of starting their lucrative compacts with the state to negotiation once more.
Online Poker in California
The quest for internet poker in California is being fought in the courtrooms because you read these words. Bills seeking to regulate internet poker have been released every year since 2007. Not one of those bills have made it all of the way through the legislative process because of vying factions on all sides of the matter, but each year brings us nearer to finding an arrangement that satisfied all interested parties.
In reality, a lot of the difficulty can be attributed to competing interests in the state. It appears everyone has an agenda and it is difficult to find consensus among the Indian tribes, Cuban operators and existing online brands. 1 group or another always feels left out or targeted from the wording of laws. And to be fair, that’s frequently a legitimate concern.
To increase the problem, there continue to be strong lobbying groups that actively combat the legalization of poker or any other form of online gambling in the united states. Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson has pledged to fight legalization throughout the country. In California alone, he spent over $300,000 to lobby against poker.
Not a single one of the bills introduced during the previous decade-plus has made significant progress thanks to the many competing interests in the state. The next bill is just one of many efforts to make something happen in California, but it serves as a Normal example of how complex and difficult it is to make progress in California:
AB 2291: Promising Start but Died in Committee
Meeting Bill 2291 was introduced way back in February 2014 but not made it beyond the committee phase. It was reintroduced in 2015 and 2016, but was unable to achieve the traction it needed to make it much in the legislative process.
The bill sought to legalize online poker just and issue 10-year licenses . The suggested fee for licensing was originally set at $5,000,000, with this charge being used to offset future taxes. Lawmakers bumped that charge up several times until the fee hit a high of $12,500,000 without offsetting taxes.
Early versions of AB 2291 contained several clauses which have caused tension between different factions competing for a part of the poker pie. Most controversial one of these is a»bad actor» clause. AB 2291 originally sought to require potential licensees to have a minimum of five years of gaming experience in California. Additionally, it required every facet of an operation, by its own workers to its equipment to its bank account to be held in state.
Essentially, AB 2291 would have prevented all of present online poker providers and newer local casinos in California out of competing. The wording of the bill very clearly preferred a few established California casino classes at the expense of fair competition.
Another issue with AB 2291 was that it might have banned California from entering agreements with other states to combine player pools and improve liquidity. In other words, you would only see other Californians in the table no matter how many sates legalize poker. To top it off, the bill would require the state to determine of any legislation passed at the national level permitting internet poker.
Some progress has been made in 2016 with a suggested amendment which would significantly alter the bad actor clause. Previously, the bill would have barred all online poker companies that operated after the passage of the national Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Such limitations would have prohibited established brand for example PokerStars from entering the marketplace.
The last amendment proposes to rather move the cut-off date for the awful celebrity clause up towards the end of 2011. To put it differently, sites such as PokerStars that operated after the UIGEA but subsequently left the market after the Black Friday indictments at 2011. This could prevent the most egregious violators from entering the market but manage PokerStars an opportunity to provide online poker lawfully in California. You can read more about the proposal here.
Looking Back at 2018: The Good and Bad
The Bad Lawmakers and tribal groups have been stuck in stalemate for going on four years now. It is nice to see some improvement on this front, but it’s also discouraging to see the stubbornness on the part of varying factions. Poker players will be better served by an open and competitive market and player-sharing arrangements with other states.
Worse than all that, online poker seems to have taken a step back in 2018. For the first time in more than a decade, no bills seeking to legalize online poker were introduced. Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sayer advised Online Poker Report he’s giving up on online poker legislation for this year since there’s simply no progress being made in reaching a compromise between the tribes, local card rooms and other interested parties.
The Good There are a number of positive things to say about all this. If poker is indeed legalized in California, the possible participant pool will much bigger than what we have seen in other nations that have legalized online poker. Aside from the fact that 38 million people call California home, the state has a poker civilization already as a result of its numerous brick-and-mortar card rooms.
California is likely to have fewer issues with geolocation of gamers due to its sheer size. New Jersey had all types of problems verifying players were actually located within the state. This ended up with loads of possible players being unfairly barred from the state-sanctioned sites there. California does not need to compete with congested cities piled up on country boundaries.
Fantasy Sports
Whenever the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) has been passed in 2006, it provided two notable exceptions to internet gambling: horse racing and fantasy sports. The UIGEA didn’t merely exempt these forms of gambling; it essentially gave operators the go-ahead to provide their games to clients right here in the US.
Some states have since passed laws banning online fantasy sports but California isn’t among these. If you have a thing for sports gambling but would rather do it in a protected and controlled fashion, fantasy sports is the thing to do. You draft a team like in regular dream leagues except now you get paid real money if you win.
FanDuel.com and DraftKings.com are the two biggest players in this market. They both accept customers from CA and offer single-day fantasy leagues for your NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college basketball and college football.
One of the pleasant things about online fantasy sports is each contest only lasts for a day per week in the most. You are not stuck with a single team all season. Rather, your team stands up stats over the course of a single week. You can play in heads-up competitions against other players or test your skill in enormous tournaments which sometimes give away more than a thousand bucks to the first place winner.
You can read more about dream sports betting here.
Legislative Efforts for Daily Fantasy in California
2016 was a significant year for its daily fantasy sports business in California. In January of 2016, lawmakers introduced AB 1437 in an attempt to make a regulatory framework for daily fantasy sports websites. If enacted, the bill would need DFS websites to acquire a license, apply a minimum age of 21 for all clients, hold all clients’ funds in a segregated account and offer self-exclusion applications for players.
The bill advanced past three major votes by a total of 101 for and 2 against. This is a significant bill for California and it appears increasingly likely to be passed to law. On the other hand, the bill itself will not really legalize online fantasy sports contests; it only places the states where the business would be regulated.
California Attorney General Kamala Harris is expected to issue a judgment on whether or not fantasy contests constitute illegal gambling under state law. If she principles favorably, AB 1437 will have all set up to permit and controlled dream sites immediately. The AG’s ruling was expected for at least a year today. Meanwhile, California fantasy sports sites continue to function freely.
As of 2019, advancement on the bill seems to have fully stalled. The good news is fantasy sports websites continue to be active through the state. Legalizing fantasy sports in California would basically be a formality now.
Online Casinos
There are not any lawful online casinos in California. The state hasn’t even tried to pass laws in this respect so it will likely be years until we see legitimate gambling sites open to CA residents.
Do not be fooled by the countless different sites which are recommending»legal» internet casinos. All these are actually offshore gambling sites without any legal presence whatsoever in the USA. They’re unlicensed and completely unregulated.
Although to be honest, there are no state or federal laws which prohibit playing at offshore casinos. Should you decide to play online, nobody will come kick in your front door. The largest risk is financial — you never know for certain who you are dealing with on the opposite side of the screen. Some offshore casinos could be secure while others are clearly outright scams. But regardless of where you play, you don’t have any legal recourse if things go belly up.
Your best option is to look at some of the other legal, accredited and secure forms of betting that can be found at this time in California. Between horse racing, fantasy sports and most likely online poker quite soon, there are still plenty of different ways to play real money games online at safe, accredited sites based in the united states.
Horse Betting
Online horse racing is alive and well in California. The horse betting situation here is not nearly as complicated as the poker scenario. California does permit residents to perform US-licensed horse wagering websites for example TwinSpires, BetAmerica and TVG.
Each of the major US-based horse betting sites accept clients from California. The country also allows off-track betting (OTB) facilities. OTB facilities operate as brick-and-mortar betting shops where people may walk in, put bets on races and collect their winnings in person.
Five racetracks operate upon the country and they too allow for real cash wagering. In total, you are able to bet online at any of the horse gambling websites, off-track at an OTB place or in-person at any of the monitors listed below. California is also home to county and state fairs that maintain races at different times every year.
The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) manages all horse racing and wagering within the state. The CHRB’s assignment is to ensure the integrity, viability and security of the nation’s horse racing industry. They oversee wagering, breeding, physical safety and the promotion of horse racing.
California Racetracks
The California Exposition and State Fair operates a yearlong harness racetrack that runs every day at around 5:20 PM.
1600 Exposition Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815
Website Golden Gate Fields
This track is situated in Berkley with races and simulcast events weekly.
1100 Eastshore Highway
Berkley, CA 94710
Website Santa Anita
Santa Anita is one of the most widely recognized racetracks from the USA and home to major events such as the Santa Anita Derby, Santa Anita Handicap and occasionally the Breeder’s Cup.
285 W. Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
Site Del Mar
Del Mar started in 1937 with a renowned race between Seabiscuit and Ligaroti. Seabiscuit hardly took the race became a legend of his own. Now, Del Mar plays host to racing events, concerts, family fun days and more.
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd..
Del Mar, CA 92014
Website Los Alamitos
Los Alamitos Race Course is home to daylight thoroughbred racing and night quarter racing. The trail is home to a number of the greatest quarter horse bets races in the united states.
4961 E. Katella Ave.
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Site OTB Locations
You will find 31 off-track betting centers in California. OTB facilities can be seen in fairgrounds, racetracks, specialty OTB stores, casinos and fairgrounds. You may see a complete list of locations and addresses .
Internet Bingo
There seems to be no motivation to especially legalize online bingo in California. The only realistic chance I see of online bingo coming to California is whether it gets caught up in some upcoming online casino legislation.
Lottery Games
Ca lottoThe California state lottery is not licensed to sell tickets online or through telephone. For years, the federal Wire Act banned states from selling lottery tickets over the net. This might not be the case forever. In 2009, New York and Illinois requested the Department of Justice to clarify its position on the Wire Act and clarify exactly which types of online gambling were illegal.
The DOJ reacted in 2011 with a choice that had far-reaching consequences beyond just the lottery. In September of 2011, the DOJ issued an announcement that its official interpretation of the Wire Act only applies to sports gambling on the net. This gave countries the go-ahead to sell tickets online if they select.
Lottery Subscription Sites California hasn’t yet joined the growing list of states that sell lottery tickets on the web. However, there are a number of messenger services that will go buy lottery tickets at face value for a monthly subscription fee. You may log in to all those sites, pay attention for your tickets and then the corporation is going to go and purchase tickets on your name.
By way of example, LottoGopher.com is a California-based membership website that offers this specific service. The site is registered in California, its owners are background-checked by lottery commission officials and it abides by all federal and state laws. They aren’t legally permitted to sell lotto tickets for more than face value, so that they rather charge users a subscription fee.
A membership at LottoGopher lets you purchase tickets online, pick certain amounts as well as form lotto pools with different members. If you win less than $600, Lotto Gopher will credit the winnings into your account that you may then withdraw straight to the bank. Should you win more than $600, Lotto Gopher will maintain the prize on your behalf in person then send you a check for the full amount.
The site doesn’t take a cut of your winnings. They only way they make money is by charging clients a flat subscription fee. At this moment, LottoGopher is only available in California. You can learn more and give it a try here:
lotto gopher
Is Lotto Gopher legit?
Yes. They are based in California and say lottery officials know who they are. It’s good for you to ask though because there are tons of online lotto sites that look and feel untrue but are not. Lotto Gopher actually is lawful and 100% untrue.
They have been all over the media in the past few decades too. Forbes and ABC have written articles about the support.

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